Warrior And Her Truth
Warrior And Her Truth
Dr. Paulette Hubbert

Standing In Her Truth

Why You Should Join Me

You've been told to get over it, don't take things so seriously.

This is a group specifically for women veterans and women on active duty. 

The intent of this group is mental wellness and to create a community of support and networking for female veterans.

 I know the challenges and nuances as a woman in uniform. I have lived “Zero Defect Mentality” “no pain, no gain”, while in pain. Not showing any sign of weakness is Taboo and always at the forefront of your mind, and so you suck it up and keep moving. Sometimes those challenges can leave you angry, stressed, depressed, with anxiety, and for some…. PTSD continues to be ever-present. As well as a host of other thoughts and feelings you can’t sort through and now you're marking time because you don’t know what else to do. As a result, you continue to suffer in silence, while serving & even after you hang up the uniform for the last time. I’m here to tell you that don’t have to continue living life out of step. Join me for a new experience. Let toxic thinking, PTSD, anxiety, stress, anger, or betrayal become your new motivation. You will be rejuvenated, relaxed & will learn new tools that you can begin to use at the retreat that will empower, inspire and cause you to let go of the past and live a better quality of life. Semper FI! See less

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